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Insurance Claims

Dealing with an accident and Insurance claims

Don’t be fooled by insurance companies Myths.  You have the right to have your vehicle repaired at the facility of your choice!  They may use different tactics to Steer you to one of their preffered shops eventhough they are not supposed to.  If it is the other parties insurance it makes no difference, Steering is illegal.

Insurance companies may tell you:

  1. You have to take your vehicle to a shop on our list.
    Not true!  Take your vehicle to a company you trust!

  2. We won’t guarantee the work if you go there.
    True they won’t, but we stand behind our work 100% as do most other reputable shops, and you won’t have to deal with a middle man.

  3. We won’t be able to get a estimator out there for a week or so.  But if you take your car to our preffered shop they can get to it right away.
    Another attempt to steer you to one of their prefered shops.

  4. It will take longer to settle the claim.
    Steering Attempt again, they will try everything in their book!

  5. If they charge more, you will have to pay the difference.
    Before any repair is started everything is discussed, we never had an instance when the owner had to pay out of pocket (unless it is your deductible or you wanted additional work done).
  6. If you go there you will have to pay for your rental.
    Not true!

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